All shirts listed for sale on this site are authentic, vintage, second-hand items. Each individual shirt varies in sizing, age, condition, and rarity. Please read all information in the description and look at all photos before making a purchase.


Please refer to the description of each shirt to find information on sizing. There you will find that specific shirt’s measurements, as well as the size that was originally marked on it’s tag. When determining if a shirt is a good fit for you, it is best to go by the measurements than by the tagged size.

Why Tagged Size Is Not The Most Accurate: 

Many vintage shirts are printed on various brands of blank shirts. These different brands did not always use the same exact measurements for each size. For example, a 1990s Hanes shirt tagged Large will likely have different measurements than a 1990s Bay Club shirt also tagged Large. Additionally shirts that are 20-40 years old tend to change shape, stretch, or shrink over the course of their life. Rarely will they stay true to the exact size and fit they had on the day of their inception. Lastly, some of the shirts have washed out tags, where the print has become illegible due to general wear and cleaning over a long period of time. While other shirts no longer even have a tag attached. Therefore, the tagged size may give a general indication of the shirts fit. However, its much more accurate to go by the measurements which will always give you an exact look at the shirt’s fit present day. 

How To Get Your Measurements:

In order to find which measurements are best for you, we recommend using one of your favorite fitting t-shirts that you currently own. Lay it flat on a surface and you will be taking two measurements. The first is the width which is taken across from one armpit to the other. The second measurement is the length taken from the top of collar all the way down to the bottom of the shirt. Once you have these two measurements, you should have a better idea as to which shirts will fit you best. The photo below shows how these measurements should be taken: